The Story Behind Our Updated Name and Logo

In this age of technology, it is crucial now more than ever for businesses to reinvent, evolve, and innovate. Formally effective 3/5/2018, we are updating our name from “Product Dynamics” to “Consumer Product Dynamics” and revealing a new logo.

Consumer Product Dynamics is powered by Brisan Group, a team of fresh-thinkers, excited to empower consumers and to improve the world with good-business practices, transparency, and better food products with compelling stories.


Why was a brand shift necessary?

Brisan Group acquired Product Dynamics in September 2017. The team at Brisan Group believed that the recruiting division at Product Dynamics needed:


A name update - to clearly express the business. We are a consumer recruiting agency. We collect and select consumers to support product research. Consumers are an anchor to what we do (also, psst check out our website url), we believe the word "consumer" should be present in our company name too.


Fresh voice - to communicate to our potential and be true to our company culture. We needed to update our brand voice so we could better connect with evolving audiences with a tone that fits our staff: a group of fun, professional, enthusiastic people. (A company is nothing without its people!)


New logo - to increase relevance with a revitalized image. Our new logo mark visually demonstrates our mission and “what we’re all about”:

  • Food and drink focus
  • Empowering consumers
  • Celebrating the power of consumer feedback 


What does this change mean to new or existing consumer panelists?

Nothing! Besides more support and more panelist opportunities for you! The same great people are at CPD, we’re simply a part of the Brisan Group family.


Do you have the same consumer research facility?

Yes, we’re at the same facility in Orland Park, IL:

10608 163rd Place, Orland Park, IL 60467


Does contact info change?

Yes, for general inquiries:

Same phone number:  (708) 364-7656


Does existing panelist login protocol change?

No, log on to your account with our website like usual!


Have a friend or family member you’d like to refer to join our panel?

Wonderful! Click here to learn more about our “Refer-a-Friend Program”.

Theresa Cantafio