Frequently asked questions


How do I qualify for a study?

The notification email you receive will have a link to our website and a user name and password. You will login to the site, select an available study that will take you to a questionnaire which you will be required to complete. You will be asked a series of questions to determine if you qualify for the study.  If you qualify for the study, you will be asked to select a scheduled date and time to participate. Please review the dates and times carefully to be sure that you are available.


What can I expect once I join the panel?

After you complete the registration process, you will be added to our panelist database and will be notified of upcoming studies via email. Review and update your profile.


What determines if I qualify for a study?

Qualifications vary from study to study and are based on a variety of items including, demographics, likes/dislikes, spending and shopping habits.


What if I do not qualify for a study?

You will be notified during the questionnaire process if you do not qualify for a study. Not all panelists will match the parameters required by our clients. You will be returned to the panelist database and will be notified of future studies. We conduct a wide variety of studies and chances are you may qualify for the next one. You will want to check your email often to see if you have received an email notification.


Where is your facility?

Our facility is in Orland Park, Illinois.  10608 163rd Place, Orland Park, IL 60467  


How much will I be compensated for participating in a study?

Compensation amounts vary depending on a variety of factors including the length of the study. Incentives can range from $30-$300. The initial email notification will provide you with the study date, length of time required and the compensation amount. Based on your availability and interest you can choose to continue with the process and complete the questionnaire or wait for the next email notification.


How long does a study last?

Studies range anywhere from 20 - 60 minutes (CLTs), to 1 - 3 hours (focus groups), to several weeks (HUTs).


How often will I be contacted?

Panelists are contacted on an as-needed basis. Each study is conducted using panelists who meet specific criteria defined by our client. If your past participation is acceptable, we will contact you when we have a study in your age group. The type of studies we run and how often we run them varies throughout the year. Therefore, so does the amount of contacts you/your household may receive.


Will you keep my information private?

Yes, we take great care in keeping all our panelist information strictly confidential and will never sell or distribute your information to anyone. Click here to read our privacy policy. 


Do you have studies for children?

Yes, we conduct children’s studies for children aged 5 years and above. Most children have fun testing products!


What if I qualify for a study, but after finding out what the product is, I don’t want to participate?

Participation is voluntary. You can always decline participating after you qualify.


Can I Be Removed from your database?

Absolutely! No problem. Click here to fill in our panelist removal form.


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