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We're a consumer recruiting agency for the food and drink industry. 


Why join our product testing panel?

You've got smart opinions. We want to hear them. Get paid to contribute to the decision making process of companies, and help to determine the types of products that enter the marketplace. Incentives can range from $30-$300. Click here to review FAQs.


How do the studies Work?

We place products in front of consumers and ask a series of targeted questions. We listen carefully, gather information, then report back to our clients. Your opinion is valuable, and that's why you get paid for sharing it.


Where do the studies take place?

At Our Facility - Many product tests take place at our facility in Orland Park, Illinois.

At Your Home - Some tests take place in the comfort of your own home. (These are called IHUTs "In Home Use Tests".) 1. We ship you a product, 2. You evaluate at your convenience, 3. Fill-in a questionnaire, and 4. Submit questionnaire.


What kind of People Are on the panel?

Articulate, reliable, honest people. 


I'm Interested! What's Next?

1. Join our panel.

2. Get emailed with study opportunities and questionnaires. (Email will include details, the study date, length of time, and compensation amount.)

3. If you qualify, you will be asked to select a study time from the available dates and times.

4. Get paid in cash.


Share your opinion.


We offer a variety of methods for you to share your opinion:


Focus Groups

Small group of people discuss products and services with a professional moderator.

Taste Tests

Visit our facility to try a new food or beverage and share your opinion on the product.

Product Testing

Try a product in your home or at our facility and give your opinion. 


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