Here’s the scoop

From tastings, to food pop-ups, to live survey food trucks—we give you an all-access pass to join in on the flavorful food creation process. Get exposed to new products before anyone else!


Share feedback, watch your opinions shape the success of real food products, then stay along for the ride!


We love what we do

Our team has been sharing, tasting, and perfecting food products with our food community for over 30 years!


What you can expect

You’ll be considered a pro taste tester, so go ahead—brag to your friends!

How it works in 5 steps

Step 1.

Sign up to join our delicious food community. We send you an email, text, or phone call invitation to attend fun daytime, evening, and/or weekend groups and events at various venues across Chicagoland and our facility in Orland Park, IL.


Step 2.

We give you VIP access to taste brand new food concepts before they hit stores! (You’ll get the inside scoop of what’s new and cool before anyone else.)


Step 3.

We present different food ideas and/or samples to you. You tell us your likes + dislikes:

    • “The cupcake needs more chocolate flavor!”

    • “The french fries were too salty.”

    • “The amount of carbonation was just right.”


Step 4.

Team huddle! We factor your opinions into real food products. You decide what gets tossed and what makes it to store shelves!


Step 5.

Watch products evolve based on what you have to say. The next time you’re at the grocery store you might just be saying #icreatedthat.